BYHAP is a company committed with the successful business development of our customers in the automotive market, and that is why we represent them as a real member of their staff.

Each customer is a unique case for BYHAP, and for each one we propose a Business Development Project designed and adapted to its capabilities and expectations. When a customer signs a representation contract with BYHAP, he is receiving guarantee by contract of:

- An exclusive representation in the European markets. We act as exclusive agents, not representing other competitors for the same technology.
- A confidentiality agreement. BYHAP ensures top confidential information exchange.
- A representation service focused on added value, through a proactive support in the key functions like Development, Project Management, Process engineering, etc.
- Periodical reporting, detailing the opportunities, prospection actions, issues attended, etc. In BYHAP, we are convinced that a regular, precise and professional reporting is crucial to build up a high mutual confidence level with our represented customers.